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Special Offer :

20% off all pizzas including toppings

FISH Cooked Fresh while you wait
*Fresh Cod €7.70
*Smoked Cod €7.70
*Haddock €7.70
*Ray (When available)€8.90
Scampi €5.90
Fish Box (4 pieces plus chips)€7.30
Fish bites 4)€4.90
Cod portion €5.40
*All Freshly Cooked

Chips €3.50
Homemade Beef Taco Chips €7.40
Cheese Chips €5.70
Garlic Chips €5.70
Curry Chips €5.70
Chicken Curry Chips €8.50
Add Extra Bacon for €1.50

All Beef and Chicken Burgers are Homemade
Gourmet Burgers and of Irish Origin
Half Pouder €7.20 (with cheese)€7.60
Quarter Pounder €4.90 (with cheese €5.20
Salad Burger €3.20 (with cheese)€3.50
(all above with onion, lettuce, ketchup, mayonaise)
NEW…Homemade Italian Sausage Burger €5.90
Southern Fried Chicken Fillet Burger €5.90
Bun Burger €3.00
Cheese Burger €3.30
Vegetable Burger €4.20
Fish burger €5.20
Jumbo Hot Dog €4.50
(Mustard, Onions, Ketchup)
Make it a meal…Add Chips & a can for €4.70

Chicken nuggets
6 for €4.80 / 9 for €6.70
Freshly Cooked Chicken Tenders (5)€5.90
Tender Box (4 Tenders + Chips)€7.30
Roast Breast of Chicken €5.90

All our kebabs freshly made and served on
Homemade Naan Bread
Doner Kebab (Halal €8.40
Southern Fried Chicken Fillet Kebab €8.40
Grilled Chicken Fillet €8.40
Veggy kebab €5.80
Kebab Tray (Chicken or Doner) €5.60
Add Cheese for 60c
Make it a meal add chips and a can for €4.70

Junior Box (1 piece + chips)€6.20
Snack Box (2 pieces + chips)€8.20
Dinner Box (3 pieces + chips)€9.90
Southern Fried Family Box
(5 pieces + 1 chips)€14.90
Southern Fried Family Box
(10 pieces + 1 chips)€22.50
Breast in box extra €1.20
Pieces of Southern Fried Chicken €2.80
Breast of Southern Fried Chicken €4.50

Homemade Italian Sausage €6.50
(Fried Onion & Mayonnaise)
Steak (Fresh Steak Strips) €6.50
(Onions, Peppers, Mushrooms, Cheese)
Southern Fried Chicken Sub (Homemade)€6.50
(Lettuce, Mayonnaise, Cheese)
Grilled Fresh Chicken Breast €6.50
(Lettuce mayonnaise , cheese)

PIZZAS (12 inches) 20% off all pizzas including toppings
1)Macari 66 Special €15.20
(Jalapeno, onion, ham, mushroom, pepperoni, peppers and black olives)
2)Margherita (Cheese and tomato) €9.90
3)Salciccia €12.40
(Italian fresh sausage, onion)
4)Diavola €12.60
(Jalapeno, chilli flakes, pepperoni)
5)Isabella (Ham & mushroom) €12.40
6)Hawaiian (Ham, pineapple) €12.40
7) Pancetta (Bacon, onion, mushroom, pepperoni)€12.80
8) Mollicone €12.80
(Mozzarella, ham, pepperoni, free range eggs)
9)Vegetarian €12.20
(Onion, peppers, sweetcorn, mushroom, black olives)
10)San Marco (Spicy chicken & pepperoni) €12.80
11)Pizza Nutella (White base pizza with nutella)€9.90
12)Bianca (White base with garlic, mozzarella, potato, bacon, rosemary)€12.80
13) Pepperoni €11.50
14)Create your own pizza….Margherita plus add your topping at €1.60 each, choose from the following…(Pepperoni, peppers, mushroom, onion (free), bacon, pineapple, blackolive, Italian fresh sausage, spicy chicken, egg, ham, jalapeno)
(All pizzas have tomato sauce and mozzarella except Pizza Nutella)
(All changes to toppings on combos will be charged as extras each)
Garlic Bread €2.30
Garlic Bread with Mozzarella €2.90

Choose Penne or Spaghetti
1)Carbonara (Bacon, egg cream) €8.70
2)Arrabbiata (Chilli, tomato sauce, spicy chicken)€8.70
3) Bolognese (Mincemeat, tomato sauce)€8.70
4) Vegetarian(Mushroom, black olives, peppers, tomato sauce)€8.70
5) Alfredo (mushroom, chicken, cream)€8.70
6) Amatriciana (tomato sauce,bacon,onion)€8.70
7) Norcina (mushroom, Italian sausage, tomato & cream sauce)€8.70
8) Aglio e Olio(olive oil, garlic, chicken, chilli)€8.70
9) NEW…Home madeLasagne €8.70

Plain Sausage €1.20
Jumbo Batter sausage €3.20
Potato Scallops €2.90
Jumbo Batter Burger €3.60
Jumbo Spice Burger €3.60
Mushrooms in Batter €3.30
Onion ring €3.30
Mushy Peas €2.00

1) Bun Burger, Chips and Drink €4.90
2) Nuggets, Chips and Drink €4.90
3) 2 Sausages, Chips and Drink €4.90
4) 3 Fish Bites, Chips and Drink €4.90
Plus 1 Surprise in Each Box
Choose From Orange Juice or Water

Curry Sauce €3.00
Garlic, Chilli, Burger, Kebab, Barbeque,
Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Sweet Chilli €2.20
Sauce Sachets 30c
Vinegar Bottle €2.50

Coke, Diet Coke, Orange, Sprite
Cans €1.50
500ml €1.90
Large bottles €3.10
Water €1.50
Large Orders catered for
Prices are subject to change without notice